Posted by: greeningwashington | April 28, 2009

Taking the Lead

(c) NYT

(c) NYT

America is exceptional. America is self-righteous. Our rhetoric reflects the narrative of American exceptionalism, but often our actions don’t align with our self-assuring stories.

It is true, for generations, America has led the world in technological innovations, military spending, and international aid but we have fallen short when it comes to leading on climate change policies. Only within the past few years has China surpassed the United States in the amount of CO2 emissions it spews into the atmosphere.

It is time that that America take the lead in formulating climate policy solutions.

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, yesterday announced that the United States is prepared to lead the world in new global warming treaty. It’s about time. The Republican controlled Congress under Clinton refused to ratify the Kyoto Treaty and again under Bush.

As Obama and his administration prepares for climate talks in Copenhagen in December, they must continue to assert their leadership through rhetoric and real actions.

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