Posted by: greeningwashington | April 14, 2009

Marc Morano speaking at the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change

Marc Morano speaking at the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change

For all of your global warming dissenters out there, this post is for you.

He has been called the “drum major of the denial parade” and a barer of misinformation. He has worked for Rush Limbaugh, poking fun at the “liberal establishment,” and more notably, he was a spokesman for Oklahoma Senator James M. Inhofe, the ranking Republican on the Environment and Public Works Committee.

Marc Morano is probably best known, however, for compiling a report listing hundreds of scientists who oppose global warming — whether those scientists were climatologists or studied in related fields is another question.

Perhaps now Mr. Morano will be best known for his new website

A portion of the About section of reads as follows: (notice the misspelling which was not due to my typing error) will serve as a premier news and information center for global warming and related news on environment and energy. The news outlet will be a climate and environmental clearinghouse complete with special investigative reports, voluminous data bases, and guides for policymakers, parents, teachers, scientists, and the general public. “For far too long, climate and environmental news has been tainted by the woeful reporting of journalists like ABC’s Bill Blakemore, the Associated Press’ Seth Borenstein, Newsweek’s Sharon Begley, CBS’s Scott Pelley, NBC’s Anne Thompson, Time Magazine and many others,” Morano said. “Sadly, many of today’s mainstream climate reporters would be better suited writing newsletters for Al Gore than attempting to inform the public about the latest climate science developments,”Morano added.

According to reports, is being financed by the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, a nonprofit organization in Washington that advocates for free-market solutions to environmental issues, and which organization has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Exxon Mobil Foundation. has a similar layout as sites such as the It features few pictures but colorful and catchy headlines. While the site links to some major news sources such as the Associated Press and the Financial Times, it also links to less known and obscure sites.

With its predictable headlines and ploys, really isn’t much different than the mainstream media sites Mr. Morano has openly criticized. It is convenient to link to a New York Times article filled with skepticism and dissent on climate issues but equally so to dismiss mainstream media as bias when its articles do not serve as oppositional ammo.

Mr. Morano and all climate skeptics alike need to discern between reporting biases and science.

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