Posted by: greeningwashington | April 7, 2009

EPA Fugitives

Repeat Polluter

Repeat Polluter

The EPA, this weekend, released their ‘most wanted’ list of criminals who have violated environmental laws. Yes, if you break the law, even environmental laws, you can be punished!


The EPA’s list was established in December in a move to highlight environmental offenses and offenders. Among those on the list are: (i) Mauro Valenzuela, who the environmental agency says illegally had oxygen canisters loaded into the cargo hold of a ValuJet airliner that crashed into the Everglades in 1996, killing 110 people; (ii) Albania Deleon, who issued fraudulent asbestos training certificates to hundreds of individuals who did not complete the training mandated by state and federal law; and (iii) Omran Alghazouli, who  sold R-12 Freon, an ozone depleting substance, that had been illegally smuggled from Mexico.

For more on the EPA’s Fugitive list  visit:

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