Posted by: greeningwashington | April 1, 2009

Greening Aggieland

Texas A&M Replant's Tree Farm

Texas A&M Replant's Tree Farm

A month and a half has passed since President Obama signed into law the omnibus stimulus bill which will provide approximately $15 billion dollars to the State of Texas. Out of those funds, the cities of Bryan and College Station are slated to receive approximately $1.4 million dollars.


 The funds will be distributed to the cities through the Texas State Energy Conservation Office.

 The following is a quote from the Bryan College Station Eagle:

 “Investing in community-based energy initiatives allows local ideas to make a positive difference,” Edwards said. “These grants will give Bryan and College Station the opportunity to start reducing fossil fuel emissions, total energy use and improve energy efficiency in all sectors.”

 Money for environmental initiatives is exactly what the cities of Bryan and College Station need in order to help businesses and residents insulate their homes and bring them up to energy efficiency standards. Not only will residents save on their energy bills in the long run, this money will help create jobs.

 For more information on how Texas will spend the stimulus money visit

The Bryan College Station Eagle reported that the funds are designated for environmental initiatives, such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the creation of alternative forms of energy and energy-efficient construction projects.


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