Posted by: greeningwashington | February 27, 2009

Green Projects and Wise Spending

America is on the green energy express. President Obama signed legislation last week that allocates billions of dollars to improving energy efficiency in federal, commercial and residential buildings. Money will be doled out, and in no time, we will reap the benefits, right?

It may not be that simple.  While states prepare to receive ‘green money,’ the issue becomes whether or not this money will be spent efficiently and on projects that will fulfill legislative objectives.

Are states ready and willing to make the changes that are required? Will they allocate green money for green projects? Truly green projects?

Heavy oversight is required to ensure these funds are spent on the most beneficial projects instead of wasteful, ineffective ones.

This is our moment to give our infrastructure a much-needed facelift and to reduce our impact on the environment with practical, job-creating solutions.  


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