Posted by: greeningwashington | February 11, 2009

Under Review

It seems like here lately all I read about is how hasty, last minute Bush Administration policies and plans have come under serious scrutiny not only by Democrats but also many Republicans – Scott McClellan, a former White House press secretary, published his book, What Happened – Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception.

While I am positive some of this is Washington politicking, I also believe certain Bush Administration policies, such as the ‘do nothing’ policy on global warming and the overt support of torture and spying on U.S. citizens, were disastrous to our nation and the world.

 Therefore, I applaud Interior Secretary Salazar for his decision to postpone the Bush Administration’s last minute plan to open up oil and gas development on the nation’s Outer Continental Shelf.

Bush’s plan would have turned our offshore into one of those light bright toys -oil and gas leases stretching from New England to California to Alaska.

But before we drill baby, drill, in order to feed our addiction, I think we should take a couple months to evaluate what this means for areas previously protected and for coastal states and cities.

Last fall Congress ended the broad drilling ban, which dated back to 1981. Instead of rushing to lease space, Salazar requested scientists to produce new reports on the amount of oil and gas that would be found. He also extended the time allotted for public comment until September. In addition, Salazar said he will conduct regional meetings in order to get public opinion and comments.

I think this decision is reasonable and prudent.

Until next time.


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