Posted by: greeningwashington | February 3, 2009

Issue No. 20

In a recent poll released last week by the Pew Research Center on issues of concern to voters, global warming came in dead last. It garnered only 30 percent, which is only slightly above President Bush’s final approval ratings — 25 percent when it was all said and done. To put it in perspective, global warming ranked lower than a concern for lobbyists, moral decline, and immigration —an issue that has almost disappeared from the public rhetoric since the start of the election process. A general concern for the environment has dropped in the polling from 56 percent of voters in 2006 calling it a “top priority,” to 41 percent. Energy and social security placed sixth in the poll.


I recognize that the public is fickle, one-issue orientated, and easily distracted; however, I blame the decline of global warming as a “top priority” on the inability of the layman, laywomen, to understand or actively research the science of this phenomenon. Although, I guess a pink slip and a bare pantry is easier to grasp than melting snow and ozone holes in the Arctic.


Nevertheless, I will continue blogging on this issue, whether you are interested or not.  


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